25 years after “Titanic”: Jack entered the chart but Rose did not share it for “artistic” reasons

In February 1998, 25 years ago, “Titanic” was released in Argentina, one of the most famous films in the history of cinema. and that for more than a decade remained the highest grossing. There we learned the story of Rose and Jack, played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, two young people who fall in love on board the ocean liner. rms titanicwhich finally sinks after hitting an iceberg.

Despite the success with the public and critics – at the Oscars he won 11 statuettes – one of the most commented and criticized speculations from fans was that Jack could have saved if he got on the board in which Rose floated, when they were both shipwrecked waiting to be rescued.

Love on the Titanic: the tragic story of Henry and Kate, the “Jack and Rose” of real life

Many warned that the situation could have been avoided and they could have held together on the piece of rubble. Winslet recently spoke out about this situation and on the podcast Happy Sad Confused said that really “I did not know” if that could be so, due to the weight of both. “If you put two adults on a surfboard, immediately becomes unstable, that’s for sure”, he commented.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in one of the iconic scenes of cinema.

“I think it would have fitbut it would have tipped over and it wouldn’t have been a good idea. I don’t think we would have survived if we both got on that door,” he said.

That buoyancy theory It is the same one that the director of the film has maintained for years, James Cameron, who always commented that “Jack had to die” because that’s how it was written in the script and, in that sense, changing the ending would not have meant the same thing for the story. But Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from “MythBusters” (MythBusters) check exactly the opposite in 2012.

In one of his episodes on the popular science program of discovery channel, the two entered on a table with the same measurements as the one seen in the movie and even surprising that its buoyancy increased if a life preserver like the one Rose carried was attached to it. In addition, they stayed 63 minutes floating in the water, the same time as the protagonists.

Titanic and the controversy of the table 20230115

Cameron, who participated in the show, acknowledged the “mistake” but clarified: “They are missing the important point. If the script says that Jack dies, he’s going to die! So maybe we messed up a bit and we have to have made the table smaller. But the guy should die,” she concluded.

Titanic, 25 years old: The documentary prepared by James Cameron

Beyond the logical need for the story, for love and sacrifice in the midst of tragedy, the filmmaker was seeking to have the last word. now get ready documentary that scientifically explains that it was impossible for Jack to survive.

“We have conducted a scientific study to end this whole thingwe have made a comprehensive forensic analysis. We use two doubles that have the same body mass as kate and leo and we put sensors all over them and put them in ice water to check it”, Cameron justified about the documentary “Titanic: 25 years after James Cameron”which will be available in National Geographic.

However, by posing four hypothetical scenarios, Cameron admitted that Jack could have saved in one of them.

While there’s plenty of room for Jack and Rose to climb onto the raft, they’re both now submerged in dangerous levels of icy water.”, Cameron is heard saying in one of the promo videos. In the second test, cameron repositioned to Jack and Rose on the raft, but they positioned their bodies so that their upper halves remained above the water. But he put the question in the resistance.

Cameron also added an additional moment that is not included in the movie: Rose gives Jack her life jacket.. “He’s stabilized, he could have survived until the boat arrived. Jack could have saved“reveals the director.


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