A champion with Boca took the title of “reference” from Pipa Benedetto


Many times it was said that, due to some statements that generated controversy outside and inside the campus, Darío Benedetto was a negative leader for Boca. However, a glory of the club does not even believe that he can be awarded the reference title.

Enrique HrabinaFormer player who defended the Boca jersey between 1985 and 1992, looked inside the club he loved, gave his opinion on the current football level and on those who are for him the leaders of the squad he commands Jorge Almirón.

Consulted about it, he first tried to get rid of the responsibility of saying if the Pipe He was or was not a benchmark on the campus. “I’m not inside. I don’t know. I deal with the older ones, imagine that I don’t know the boys”began by saying in dialogue with Radio La Roja.

However, when it comes to listing the players who for him exercise leadership on the squad, omitted the name of Benedetto. “It seems to me that the character players are Figal, Marcos Rojo, Chiquito Romero. The biggest, the National Team players. It seems to me that in a moment Pipa wanted to grab the flag and in a few things she was wrongHrabina concluded.


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