A former Chilean goalkeeper harshly criticized Dibu Martínez and assured that he is not the best goalkeeper in the world


Emiliano Dibu Martinez He had significant growth after taking over as goalkeeper for the national team. His work has been impeccable and due to his performance, La Scaloneta marked the differences in the remembered definition from penalties against France in the final of the Qatar World Cup. Due to this achievement, the Aston Villa goalkeeper was awarded the best goalkeeper award at the awards The best, a fact that presented some criticism from different protagonists of world football.

In this sense, juan herreraFormer Chilean soccer player made a harsh opinion about the Argentine goalkeeper, who prevailed in the voting, in which he left the shortlist of finalists in this category without possibilities.

“The annual awards are characterized by the performance of the year, in fact he is now in his club and not having a good time. And before arriving at the World Cup, I wasn’t having a good time either”, sustained.

Herrera praised the work carried out by Martínez during the last World Championship and added that what happened in this last international competition does not coincide with the consideration of being the best goalkeeper on the planet. “By far, the best goalkeeper was (Thibaut) Courtois, the most transcendental for his team,” remarked.

“Objectively, you had many other goalkeepers far away, like Alisson Becker, Courtois and Ederson”, It was the powerful criticism that ended during the making of a sports program that is broadcast in Chile.


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