A new Professional League date begins: what games are played today


Last weekend marked the start of the professional league. The world champion football placed first and the second date of the domestic tournament is already underway, where it faces the 28 teams of the First division all against all in 27 dates.

Tigre-Rosario Central, clash of winners

Tiger and center rosary They will face today in Victoria in search of a new victory in the Professional Soccer League (LPF), after both were winners on the initial date (2-1 to Students and 1 to 0 to Argentines respectively).

The match valid for the second date will be played since 20 at the José Dellagiovanna stadium in the Buenos Aires town of Victoria, with arbitration by hernan Mastrangelo and transmission of the public television and ESPN Premium.

Probable formations: Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Víctor Cabrera, Abel Luciatti and Sebastián Prieto; Sebastián Prediger and Lucas Menossi; Blas Armoa, Facundo Colidio and Alexis Castro; Mateo Retegui. DT: diego martinez.

center rosary: Gaspar Servio; Damián Martínez, Juan Cruz Komar, Facundo Mallo, Carlos Quintana and Alan Rodríguez; Kevin Ortiz, Francis MacAllister and Ignacio Malcorra; Octavio Bianchi or Fabricio Oviedo and Jhonatan Candia. DT: Michelangelo Russian.

Newells-Vélez, with a climate of tension in Rosario

Newell’s Old Boys and Velez Sarsfield They will face each other today for the second date of the Professional Soccer Leaguein a match will be played since 20 at the Coloso Marcelo Bielsa stadium in the city of Rosario. The Leprosy they drew 2-2 with Platense while Vélez took advantage of the young Gimnasia and beat them 3-1.

The match will be refereed by fernando espinoza and it will be televised by the sign sports tnt.

Probable formations: Newell’s Old Boys: Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Jacob or Yerson Mosquera, Víctor Gustavo Velázquez, Willer Ditta and Bruno Pittón; Djorkaeff Reasco, Juan Sforza and Iván Gómez; Francisco González, Nazareno Fúnez and Ramiro Sordo. DT: gabriel heinz.

Velez Sarsfield: Leonardo Burian; Tomás Guidara, Lautaro Gianetti, Miguel Brizuela and Francisco Ortega; Nicolás Garayalde, Juan Méndez and José Florentín; Walter Bou; Lucas Pratto and Lucas Janson. DT: Alejandro Medina.

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