A woman murdered her mother in Córdoba: “I can’t take it anymore, I need peace…”


United Nations heinous crime family shocked the small town of mount chapelin the province of Córdoba: it is about a woman who he murdered his mother by suffocating her with a pillow. What is significant about the case is that before committing the crime, the young woman accused and detained for the crime of “homicide qualified by the link“He had made social statements of alleged physical and mental exhaustion on networks, as a preamble to the criminal outcome.

The young woman, identified as Celeste Rodríguez, turned himself in shortly after and he was detained at the disposal of Justice, which labeled the case as “qualified homicide”.


Signals on Facebook before the crime

Hours before committing the murder, Rodríguez had published a post on Facebook in which he reported on the distressing situation she was going through, since she was alone in the care of her seriously ill mother.

“I’m tired, mentally and physically”commented the defendant, who complained because no one helped her take care of her mother, María Rosa Ravetti -59 years old-, who ended up becoming the victim of the crime.

“I am a mother, father, daughter, nurse, girlfriend, employee, housewife… I don’t give more. I’m going to have a stroke, I try to be strong for my daughters but I don’t give more“Exposed the young woman, 30 years old.

Likewise, he pointed out that “everyone washes their hands and leaves everything to me, I am strong but I get tired. I need to rest, I need a day of peace. Tired of promises that are not kept, what do I do? Do I give up my life for someone who didn’t take care of me? If this is living, I don’t want to anymore.”


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