A young Buenos Aires policeman was shot to death when they tried to steal his motorcycle


An effective young man Buenos Aires police officer, just 22 years old, was shot to death In the town of Burzacoin Almirante Brown’s party, in the middle of a attempt to theft of his motorcycle.

According to information from police sources to the agency N/Athe fatal victim was the officer Horacio Ezequiel Borja Lopez, 22 years old. The policeman was assassinated this Friday, June 2 at night, when four armed criminals tried to steal the motorcycle in Eduardo Cuitiño and Sarcione, from Burzaco.

Borja López, who belonged to the Motorized Prevention Group (GPM) of Florencio VarelaHe was surprised by the criminals who were in a gray Peugeot 206, when he was riding his Dominar 400 motorcycle.

The young officer was killed when they tried to steal his motorcycle.

Officer Horacio Ezequiel Borja López died of a gunshot wound to the head

after identify themselves as a policeman, the criminals began to shoot and the Cash was shot in the head.

According to the first information of the South Newspaper, the officer would have come to shoot and one of the thieves was also shot. However, this information is still not clear, since now it would have been verified that the police did not get to take out their regulation weapon. At the time of the murder, the young officer would have been dressed in his uniform.

Staff from the 2nd Burzaco Police Station and doctors from the SAME medical service verified the Police officer killed on the spot.

Video: They murdered a police officer who wanted to identify a car in Esteban Echeverría

It was reported that during the early morning different operations were carried out to try to find the criminals who remained on the run. Notification was also given to all Buenos Aires hospitals in case a gunshot wound occurs.

Horacio Ezequiel Borja López, in addition to being a policeman, also worked as a Barber in his own local “Chulo Barber” in Rafael Calzada.

in dialogue with TennesseeJuan, a neighbor of the neighborhood where the crime was committed, stated that “they heard two or three shots and then another shot and they left with the car and motorcycle.”

A 23-year-old Buenos Aires policeman was shot dead in Rafael Castillo

“Immediately the police and ambulance came, but the boy was dead,” added the man while Sergio, another neighbor, said: “It is known that the policeman was a barber in Rafael Calzada. I went out into the street and we saw the people here The kid was lying dead on the street,” said the neighbor and added: “It’s a very quiet neighborhood and last night it’s surprising how everything happened.”

Patricia Bullrich’s reaction to the crime of the Buenos Aires police officer

“Who takes care of the Argentines? Who takes care of those who take care of us? My companion to the family of the Buenos Aires Police officer Horacio Ezequiel Borja López, murdered in Burzaco,” said the president of the PRO and presidential candidate patricia bullrich.

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