After eight rounds without winning, Racing regained self-esteem against Banfield in Avellaneda


Racing desperately needs to winto cut 8 dates without adding by three, and Banfield became the “wedding duck” this Saturday night in Avellaneda. The Academy struck first with hahthat at 11 in the first half, and although they suffered hot flashes, almost when the second stage was languishing, Gabriel Rojas scored the second, taking the score to the final 2-0.

Huge relief for those of Gagoa breather to look with greater optimism at the date that is coming without the ballast of that heavy long saga without winning, while for Falcioni’s men the outlook looks complicated, because they were close to the relegation zone. The Drill is “crooked”, who had three clear chances in Avellaneda, two of them at the feet of Juan Bisanz, but they were cleared on the line and it is already known that in football without luck there are no feats.

Racing looked organized from the start, Hauche’s goal came after a cross from Matias Rojas, who would later be the protagonist of another unfortunate moment, because despite his well-known punch, he took charge of a penalty and threw it out. Banfield was about to tie it, and in the worst academic moment, when the game ended and the centers rained down in the Gabriel Arias area, a counterattack led to a notable left-footed shot by Gabriel Rojas and to collect.

The 2-0 may look a bit loose, but the racinguista efficiency deserved the 3 points.

The round trip made the game an entertaining process, the victory rewarded the best start for Racing, which then had to put up with the arrests of Falcioni’s team as best it could, but Gago’s men returned to the Hotel Savoy with the streak forgotten.

Now the Institute awaits him in Córdoba on Monday the 12th, while Banfield on that same day will receive nothing less than River.

Match summary:

Stadium: Racing. Referee: Pablo Dovalo.
Careers: Gabriel Arias; Facundo Mura, Leonardo Sigali, Gonzalo Piovi, Gabriel Rojas, Aníbal Moreno, Nicolás Oroz, Jonatan Gómez, Matías Rojas, Gabriel Hauche and Paolo Guerrero. DT: Fernando Gago.
Banfield: Facundo Cambeses; Emanuel Coronel, Emmanuel Olivera, Alejandro Maciel, Luis Mago; Nicolás Sosa, Alejandro Cabrera, Eric Remedi; Juan Bisanz, Milton Gimenez; Sebastian Sosa Sanchez. DT: Julio Falcioni.
Goal in the first half: 11m Hauche (R). In the second Goal in the second half: 44m G.Rojas (R).
Substitutions in the second half: 12m J. Nardoni for M. Rojas (R), 19m A. Piedrahita for N. Sosa (B), 27m B. Gallego for J. Gomez and S. Quiros for P. Guerrero (R), 35m L. Rios by A. Cabrera (B), 41m A. Chavez by S. Sosa, A. Quiros by L. Mago and G. Rivera by E. Coronel (B), 45m T. Perez by G. Hauche (R ) .

Incidents in the first half: 46m M.Rojas (R) deflected a penalty.


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