After the Horacio lighthouse, the Gerardo theater arrives: Morales launches on the 15th at the Gran Rex


Horacio Rodriguez Larreta he opened his feat in the south and toured channels and dials; From Brazil daniel scioli he wrote to remind Peronism that its faith and electoral hope, occasionally in Copacabana, remain intact. And this Saturday the one who announced the official launch of his campaign, in search of the candidacy for the presidency in Together for Change, was Gerardo Morales, current governor of Jujuy and head of radicalism at the national level.

The moment chosen by Morales for its launch It will be on Wednesday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m., no less than at the Gran Rex theaterin downtown Buenos Aires, and the details of the event will be finalized next week.

The environment of the radical leader holds that date to the Noticias Argentinas agency, and it is discounted that on the occasion there will be many important names of radicalism that will be at that evening.

Morales launches his brand “Mística” and renews criticism of Milei

In any case, the news of his launch as a candidate had already circulated a few days ago after the meeting that Morales had with the leadership of the National Committee of the Current of National Opinion (CON) along with a large group of leaders from the province of Buenos Aires, who spoke in favor of their aspirations.

“He is without a doubt the best candidate that radicalism has”he claimed Federico Storani, head of the NOC. In this sense, they maintain their statements of support for the radical lines that are in favor of Morales’s intentions, such as the “Renewal” of Martin Lousteau. With Alfredo Cornejo targeting the Mendoza governorship, it remains to be seen what he will do Facundo Manés.

The truth is that there are several radical lines aligned behind the figure of Morales, whose presidential project is taking shape based on the definition of mayors, national and provincial legislators, councilors and Buenos Aires leaders, who are convinced that “embodies democratic and ethical ideals and values” of radicalism.

Gerardo Morales: “Cristina must light candles for Milei to grow and weaken Together for Change”

The governor of Jujuy has been making periodic tours throughout the country for months and since the beginning of 2023 he has been giving signs in accordance with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Elisa Carriowho also announced that they will be presidential candidates during the PASO of the opposition.

In this context, it prevents strategic alliance between the three leaders, which aims to maintain pragmatic commitments that point to after the internal elections.

In addition, around Morales there is a large group of leaders who meet periodically to form their campaign commandwhich includes different deputies, such as Roberto Sánchez, Ricardo Buryaile, Julio Cobos, Fernando Carbajal, Miguel Bazze, Francisco Monti, senators such as Eduardo Costa and Daniel Kroneberger and leaders such as Ramón Mestre and José Cano, coordinated by Guillermo Hoerth.


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