Agustín Canapino qualified for the Indianapolis 500


The Reef Pilot Augustine Canapino qualified this Saturday to play the traditional competition of the Indianapolis 500which is part of the calendar of the IndyCar Delaware USAand that an Argentine will have on the starting grid after 83 years.

The representative of Team Juncos Hollingerunder the command of a chevrolet dalaraHe qualified in twenty-seventh place out of the 33 available to play this competition, scheduled for Sunday, May 28.

Canapino will buy the starting line with the British stefano wilson (chevrolet dalara) and with the American devil of francisco (dallara honda); meanwhile, the dream Felix Rosenqvist (dallara honda) was the fastest and tomorrow he will fight with twelve other drivers for pole position.

Beyond having been far from the first places, canapino he produced an average of 372 kilometers per hour in the four laps he took during qualifying.

In this way, the former champion of TC and TC2000 will be destroyed in the fourth Argentine to officially run the traditional Indycar competition, after the participation of Martin de Alzaga Unzue (1923), Raul Riganti (1923, 1933 and 1940) and Juan Antonio Gaudino (1932).

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