Alfa gave details in LAM of his romance with Delfina Wagner: “He gives me a lot of love”

Esparto went live tonight on JUSTICE and brito angel he asked him about everything. The former Big Brother spoke of his future participation in “Controversy at the Bar”, which will be hosted by Marcela Feudale. In addition, he said that he had not yet established a contract with “Dancing 2023” although the director said that he would surely do so very soon.

Alfa and Ángel De Brito in LAM.

Alfa on his relationship with Delfina Wagner

Of course, you could not miss the consultation about your current marital status.I esparto, without going around, constitution that is in pairs with Delphine Wagner.

Before the comment of brito angel About the little faith that was had in that relationship, the former Big Brother revealed the secrets so that he continued on the right path.

Alpha and Angel De Brito
Alfa and Ángel De Brito in LAM.

“He prospered because he is a very good person,” Alfa began by saying about Delfina Wagner.

Then, ex-proper little brother: “He has a heart of gold. He gives me a lot of love.”

In this way, there was no doubt that he is very happy with his new relationship.

This is how Alfa constituted his courtship with Delfina Wagner

In April, Alfa, 61, was a guest on A la Barbarossa and admitted that he is dating Delfina Wagner, the 19-year-old girl with whom he was photographed kissing, as soon as he left Big Brother 2022.

The former participant, who appeared on MasterChef this Monday along with several little brothers, established the relationship live. However, Delfina was upset by the rumors that link him to other women.

Delphine Wagner and Alpha
Alpha and Delfina Wagner.

“We are getting to know each other with Alfa,” she began by explaining. I don’t like being compared to other girls. It’s a shame that they put me next to two other girls”, was downloaded, alluding to Rominathe representative in Uruguay of Alfa, already Camilawith whom he was related within Big Brother.

On the other hand, Alfa spoke about the criticism he received due to the age difference between the two: “Many people judge the age difference, they say it’s too small, but I can assure you that if tomorrow I go out with a person of 30 or one of 50 will say ‘she’s 30! he’s 50! So I never let anyone get in.”

“If I’m tired and I want to lie in an armchair, she stays lying in an armchair or if I want to stay at home on a Saturday, she doesn’t pressure me or say anything to me,” he revealed. Finally, the former participant said that the relationship is so serious that he has already introduced it to his friends and family. “You know my daughter”confessed.

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