Almendra said goodbye to Boca and threw a stick at the leadership


the midfielder Augustine Almond said goodbye to Mouth with a message that he uploaded to his social networks, while questioning the leadership xeneizebecause apparently they made him make the decision to go free from the institution that formed him artistically.

Almendra made a post on the social network instagram, by means of a long message accompanied by several photos of his time at the club. In one of them he meets Juan roman riquelme and despite being the leader of xeneizethe midfielder threw a stick at the Football Council: “The true fans of Boca are more important than any temporary management.”

“Today I find myself at the moment of saying goodbye to the club that has been my home, the place where I grew up as a player and, most importantly, as a person. Although this farewell is not what I expected, unfortunately I had no choice due to several offers that were rejected by the club.“said the new player of Careers on the refusal of the leaders before the proposals to change the club.

Despite not having been able to continue playing for Mouth, Almond his affection for the club began and he apologized to the fans for his attitudes.

“I want to express my most sincere gratitude to all those who accompanied me on this path: teammates, coaching staff, props and all the club’s employees. I want to apologize to the fans, since I sometimes made mistakes, but I’m leaving the club with the best memories”, highlighted.

“The true fans of Boca are more important than any temporary management. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much to all the bosteros”, he concluded.

However, he only thanked the fans and club workers who always gave him a hand, and although he uploaded a photo with the club’s first vice president, Juan roman riquelmeno leader clearly appeared.

The problems that Almendra had in Boca

The midfielder had a strong crossover with Sebastián Battaglia when he was the club’s coach during 2020, where he was fired for indiscipline in training. Then, not wanting to renew his contract, he was removed from the squad and never played for Boca again.

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