Aníbal Fernández responded to Wado De Pedro: “Since when does the President have to give an answer?”


The Minister of National Security, Aníbal Fernández, joined Victoria Tolosa Paz and invited the head of the Interior portfolio, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, to “leave the place” and “run away” after his anger with President Alberto Fernández has come out.

In a dialogue with AM750, Fernández got fully into the official internal and launched strong criticism against De Pedro and his entourage for accusing the president of “not having codes.” “Since when does the President have to explain himself to him?”, shot the minister.

In this way, the senior official assured: “I have no personal problem with Wadobut I thought how a “horror” what he said. “When he left the day Lula won, no one from the government told him anything. The next day, when the President traveled to that meeting with Lula and was invited to lunch, the President included Wado to participate,” the police headline reported.

Wado de Pedro outside the meeting with Lula and the human rights organizations: there is discomfort in Kirchnerism

Without directly mentioning his peer from the Interior, called on those who think differently to “shut up”. “When a Peronist President exercises office, what should happen on the other side is to shut up and get to work; or in the worst case, if he does not agree, leave the place and move so that another colleague can occupy it, ”Fernández urged in line with the statements of Tolosa Paz.

Fernández concluded bluntly by saying that “the president is one, he represents the interests of Peronism and no one has the rightmuch less the Minister of the Interior, to try to put the points on it ”.

“Wado” De Pedro made the inmate explode again

The conflict within the Frente de Todos flared up again after weeks of remaining tensely calm. In that sense, De Pedro’s environment revealed that the minister considered that the president did not invite him to the meeting with Lula Da Silva and the different human rights organizations for being “afraid of considering him as a rival in the next elections.”

From the reference meeting of Grandmothers and Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Faced with this, the first to come out at the minister’s intersection was Tolosa Paz, who not only invited him to “step aside”, but also stated: “If there is a lack of codes, in any case, it is in reference to those who are part of a government and criticize the government. I’ve been repeating it”.

For this very reason, the head of the Social Development portfolio pressured those who disagree to “define” whether he remained within the Frente de Todos or outside.


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