Another madness by Espinoza: He pushed a player and ended up admonishing him


Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial referees in Argentine soccer is fernando espinoza. His arrogant way of directing, sometimes bordering on disrespect, causes some sparks with the footballers of First divisionWho are the main protagonists?

The referee was again in the eye of the storm in the equality 2 to 2 between Columbus of Santa Fe and Center of Cordoba of Santiago del Estero by the date 18 of the professional league.

During the match, the judge pushed the defender of the Santiago club, gustavo sing and then I admonish the ex Defense and Justice, Marcelo cholo Benitez. Although the decision to admonish the left winger was the right one, spinoza again I make a mistake in its modes when moving the player Cordoba center.

Canto and Espinoza crossed paths after the game: The referee’s unusual justification

After the match, the defender Singing he was interviewed by the television media about the controversial action of the afternoon. “I went to claim him and he pushed me. What happens if I push him? He throws me red, so he has to stop doing that because as a player he throws you out,” he said.

When asked about the attack, the footballer explained: “He pushed me, I didn’t expect it, maybe I didn’t expect it but he took me off the pitch.”

Minutes later, fernando espinoza appeared on the mobile and justified himself in an unusual way: “You have to grab the ear and pull it like children. It’s a matter of them understanding it no more

Instantly Singing He asked him again: “But if I push him, I get red”, to which the referee replied “No, we were both going to end up in the same“, I conclude between laughs spinoza.


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