Arbitration scandal: Federico Beligoy fired Diego Abal


In the match between Gymnastics (LP) and sarmientohe Wolf was harmed in an unusual way after the decision of the VAR of canceling a goal against the La Plata team due to an offside in a corner kick, this being a rude regulatory error.

When the game ended in the silverthe local team had a corner kick that ended in a goal from felipe sanchezbut Ariel Penelmatch referee drowned out the cry of the Lobo fans after the VARa load of diego abal will notify him to annul the goal for an alleged offside.

Faced with such an error, from the AFA scam Federico Beligoy as Argentinian soccer arbitration director, they told abal, Gerardo Carretero and Gabriel Favale (a load of FIFA quality), the three who were in the VAR in that match they will not continue to be part of the refereeing team.

Journalist leonardo gabes sure that he abal He received a document letter that informed him that he would not continue to be part of the Argentine soccer referee team.

“Beligoy believed that they were going to go after him, that the referees had something against him. Hours ago, Diego Abal received a document letter and was fired. It is the first head that rolls after a very hot day in arbitration, contribution the journalist.

It’s been a while since diego abal He had been designated solely to deliver justice from the VAR and no longer on the playing fields. From now on, he won’t be able to direct anymore.

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