Big Brother: the Rodríguez Saá will face each other again for the governorship of San Luis


The clashes between Adolfo and Alberto Rodríguez Saá son a classic of Punto politics. There have been innumerable short circuits between the two leaders who have been in power for decades in San Luis, and the 2023 gubernatorial elections promise to add another chapter to this dispute. There will be no “mano a mano” because Alberto cannot go for his re-election, and he nominated Jorge ‘Gato’ Fernández, the mayor of Tilisarao, as the PJ candidate to succeed him.

However, this Thursday Senator Adolfo Rodríguez Saá announced that “he is going to fight” in the fight for the governorship, indicating that he wants to participate in the internal one against Fernández, to be the official candidate in the elections on June 11 under Lemma Law system.

The sector that Adolfo promises to lead to participate in the internal one is Todos Unidos, which held a plenary session in which the situation was analyzed and they promised a definition on February 15, when there is a new meeting.

Sources from San Luis Peronism specified that there were no contacts between the Rodríguez Saá brothers about this new electoral instance, because they have been in conflict for a long time.

During his speech at the Todos Unidos meeting, Adolfo said that “if we do not understand unity, we will fight in the most forceful way, because the damage caused to the people of San Luis is great. It is not the owners, the The people of San Luis deserve something else. Enough,” he said in an obvious allusion to his brother.

“We took a very poor province and filled it with factories. What did those who succeeded me do, where are the factories?”criticized the former provincial president.

In the final document released by Todos Unidos, quoted by the Noticias Argentinas agency, it is stated “we understand that the unity and reunion of the San Luis was achieved with open doors, with respect, with clear rules, without dirty play and without pro-government candidates, We aspire to and want unity, but the only person responsible for making it impossible is Alberto Rodríguez Saá”.

“Peronism is a field of thought, which teaches us to look at reality and prioritize political proposals; it cannot be reduced with sectarian or personal attitudes, much less filtered by the affinity or sympathy of municipal governments. We are not discussing people , we are talking about models”, indicated the “adolfistas” and sentenced that “we believe that San Luis society deserves to recover the prominence and leadership of the transformation of San Luis, to eradicate all the pains that punish them from an indifferent attitude; same attitude , which has governed the actions of many, who have not honored the humanist doctrine that they proclaim”.


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