Bus stoppage: the measure was lifted in the AMBA but there will be no service in the interior of the country


Finally, and after an extensive negotiation against the clock, the collective strike will be in the interior of the country but not in the AMBA or in the City of Buenos Aires. representatives of the Automotive Tramway Union (UTA) and transport companies of collectives did not reach an agreement and the subsidiaries of the interior of the country of the union confirmed the strike for this Tuesday, June 13 from 0 hours.

In the case of AMBA and CABA, the measure was finally nullified because the National Ministry of Transportation will guarantee the salary increase demanded by the UTA, although in the interior of the country the strike was ratified.

What is the average salary that Argentines seek

The increase was ruled through a joint decree of the Ministry of Labor and Transportation. The news was released late this Monday when both ministries issued a Joint resolution “exceptional“, from which “the payment of the workers and the services of automotive transport of the AMBA, of national jurisdiction” is ensured.

Regarding the situation in the interior, Transport confirmed that the payment of the compensating fund established by the budget law has already been made, but in this part of the country the strike will be inevitable.

In a statement, UTA said the companies “they refuse to agree to a salary increase according to the increase in inflation” and that “both the authorities of the Ministry of Transportation and the rest of the provinces of the Interior and the City of Buenos Aires have been absent.”

Mandatory conciliation of the Ministry of Labor expired this Monday at June 12 at 23:59.

In the AMBA there will finally be a bus service.

What services could be affected by the collective strike

“The measure of force is pushed by those who have the responsibility of solving the serious crisis in which they are putting transport, weakened to the 10 million daily users of the AMBA and 9 million in the interior of the country”, Said the leader of the UTA, Roberto Fernández, hours before the situation in AMBA finally comes to fruition.

The union said that those responsible are the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation, those responsible for Transportation in the provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

They also warned that If companies maintain the position of “deny the possibility of a salary increase”, the measure of force will be carried out throughout the country.

“The measure of force is pushed by those who have the responsibility of solving the serious crisis in which they are putting transport,” indicates the statement directed by the UTA.

The position of the dissident unions

The strike was to begin at midnight on Tuesday and would last throughout the day, although the dissident union, made up, among others, of the DOTA Group, Buenos Aires Buses, the Yitos company and lines 80 and 257, assured that it would not it would collapse to the extent of force and work normally.

These are some 90 lines that support the Blue List, contrary to the management of Roberto Fernández in the UTA, and that both in the AMBA region and in the interior of the country will provide service without interruptions.

The measure of force was going to affect the short and medium distance lines that circulate both in the interior and in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

The salary conflict of bus drivers

The determination had taken place in the midst of a conflict that began several months ago to demand a salary increase, which is why this Monday the trade unionist met again with officials from the Ministry of Labor and with the business chambers of the sector, but the negotiations had not prospered.

On this occasion, the labor portfolio, headed by Raquel “Kelly” Olmos, could no longer demand the extension of the mandatory conciliation that was in force up to now, so the cessation of activities of the bus drivers was inevitable. In any case, a “intermediate room“To dialogue again on Wednesday, June 14 at 1:00 p.m., although the union clarified that it was going to carry out the strike for 24 hours. Finally, only the situation in AMBA was discovered.

The UTA demanded to collect a retroactive increase so that the basic since last April is 262,000 pesos, in addition to a one-time and non-remunerative bonus of another 32,000 pesos and daily per diem for all workers in the sector..


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