CABA: when classes begin for primary and secondary

February began and, along with it, the time of back to school. A few days before the students of primary and secondary schools in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires begin a new school year, teachers and professors will return to their jobs.

In the publication of the Educational Agenda For the year 2023he Buenos Aires Ministry of Education it detailed all the administrative processes of the school environment, as well as the start and end dates of bimesters, four-month periods, regular classes and winter vacations.

The directors and teachers they will return to the classrooms next monday february 6 to prepare the contents, and on the 13th they will have mandatory training. Unlike last year, the three educational Classes will start the same day.

When do classes start and end in CABA?

According to the official schedule of the City, the school year for the three educational levels – initial, primary and secondary – will begin on February 27for both public and private institutions.

Classes in CABA will begin on February 27

However, the students of the first year of the secondary level will begin the Path of Articulation between Primary and Secondary the day Tuesday February 7. Through this course we seek to respond to the challenges of the transfer and accompany and guide the boys in the passage from one cycle to another.

The first trip of the school year will end when the Winter Breakwhich will be held from July 17 to 28. From then on, classes will continue until December 22thwhen the educational cycle is finished.

CABA extends the school calendar: classes will last 192 days

This year the City proposed to make a extended educational calendar, that is, that it lasts more than the 180 days established by the Ministry of National Education. That is why the classes will last until December 22 and will have 192 days of classes, 12 more than usual.

Back to school

The increase in the number of school days has to do, among other things, with the transfer of teacher training days, called Institutional Improvement Spaces (EMI). of the five days that were carried out on working days, 3 were transferred to Saturdays and the remaining two were transferred to February and December.

As expressed by the Buenos Aires Minister of Education, Soledad Acuna: “To recover the learning lost during the pandemic, we have to continue taking extraordinary measures. In this sense, he needed to go one step further and move the teaching days to Saturdays so that boys don’t miss another day of school. I am convinced that the solution is with more and better education”

City extends 2023 school calendar to 192 days

Differentiated dates for the start of classes in CABA

Not all students will return the same day, as the educational calendar contemplates a different start date for those who fall within one of the following systems:

  • The adults and adolescents who seek to finish their primary studies will start on monday 6th of March.
  • The students of the Secondary Level Educational Centers (CENS) who carry out a school period of august to augustthey will start their second semester on Monday, February 20.
  • Those who study in CENS and popular Baccalaureates the school year of March to Marchthey will start the first semester on Monday March 13.

The most expensive return to school: the basket of supplies with increases of 135%

Summary of the CABA 2023 school agenda

  • February 6th: Principals and teachers return to schools to plan, train, and hold team meetings.
  • February 7th: First-year students at the secondary level begin the Articulation Pathway between Elementary and Secondary.
  • February 13th: Teachers carry out situated training.
  • February 23 and 24: High school students take previous subjects.
  • February 27: All initial, primary and secondary level students start classes.
  • July 17 to 28: Winter Break.
  • December 22th: The school year ends.

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