Carrió and Morales kick the table and strengthen their alliance: “The JxC proposal has to overcome the past”


In a context of internal latent within Together for Change, Elisa Carrio Y Gerardo Morales we must work with their respective economic teams to strengthen an opposition alliance whose objective would consist, according to the governor of Jujuy, in solve the problem of “poverty and overcome welfare”.

Last week, both leaders had announced that they were continuing the dialogue to draw up the main points of a “national transformative project” and this Tuesday I debated again in the same direction.

Twitter / @GerardoMorales

“With Elisa Carrió, Maximiliano Ferraro, and our political and technical teams we are preparing to govern the country, convinced that the JxC proposal has to be better than the past“, explained the president of the UCR on Twitter.

Also present at the meeting were maximilian ferrarothe economists Eduardo Levy Yeyaty, Ignacio Bruera Y matias surt; as well as the ambassador facundo vila,

Internal in JxC

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The internship of Together for Change is deepened by the Lack of concrete definition of Mauricio Macri about his political future, at the same time that the scene of an open confrontation for leadership between Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Y patricia bullrich.

“We need romper with old models that are leading our Argentine economy to ruin, putting the focus on the culture of work and effort, to solve poverty and overcome handouts”, pointed out the provincial governor.

“We think of a productivist development plan and a new economy focused on micro and small businesses, with developed regional economies that generate employment,” Morales explained on social media.


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