Carrió’s complaint to Lorenzetti that the ruling party will use

under the impeachment that the National Government tries to promote in commission against the judges of the Supreme Court, the deputy Rodolfo Tailhade spoke of the complaints Elisa Carrio against Ricardo Lorenzetti and he maintained that they will be important to investigate a “mountain of twine” that is part of the funds of the highest court.

This Thursday, February 2, the Impeachment Commission chaired by Carolina Gaillard will have the second meeting to discuss the 14 requests for prosecution against Lorenzetti, Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz Y Juan Carlos Maqueda.

In addition to the request promoted by the national government, the basis for which the commission began to meet in January under an extraordinary modality, Carrió’s past complaints against Lorenzetti will also be taken into account. This Thursday all complainants must ratify and argue the reasons for their requests.

Carrió’s accusation will be the basis for us to investigate the famous anti-cyclical funds, which are nothing more than fixed terms“, said this Sunday Tailhade, deputies of the Frente de Todos and a member of the commission.

Carrió affirmed that the accusation against Ricardo Lorenzetti will continue to stand.

The rebellious official legislator, one of the protagonists of the first meeting due to his crossing with his peer Alejandro “Top” Rodriguezsaid in dialogue with radio10 that these funds are “a mountain of twine from which not a single peso reaches any court.”

This tool, in the words of the Court, was promoted by means of an agreement in 2008 “to guarantee the necessary financial resources to cover the events generated by the reduction of the planned resources and exceptional situations or situations not contemplated during the economic cycles.” Initially, it began to operate with 500 million pesos.

Carrió supports the trial against Lorenzetti but not against the other courtiers

since the president Alberto Fernandez announced the prosecution against the four supreme, Together for Change that would stand on the opposite side of the road under the argument of institutional abuse against one of the three constitutional powers.

It was then that it was learned that among the previously existing requests was that of the Civic Coalition. Last week, Carrió tried to mediate this dilemma and place himself in an intermediate position.

Rodolfo Tailhade 20220107
Rodolfo Tailhade

We maintain the impeachment of Lorenzetti, but for our reasons, not for those of the Government. When the political trial begins, it is analyzed judge by judge. So our block and our representatives in the commission are going to analyze that Rosatti, Rosenkrantz and Maqueda are not admissible, because it is an attack by Cristina against these judges for being impartialsaid “Lilita”.

“When you have to analyze Lorenzetti, you have to analyze all the files. There, because of an obscure heritage, because of his relationships, all the grounds that we put with our own opinion, we are going to request the accusation of Lorenzetti ”, he added.

Who are the other plaintiffs against the Supreme Court

In addition to the representative of the Civic Coalition that ratified the complaint against Lorenzetti, there will be other exhibitors that will explain the reason for their requests against the highest court of justice.

Among them will be Senator juliana ditullior, who denounced the ruling of the Court for the co-participation in favor of the City of Buenos Aires. The accusations of the deputies will also be dealt with vanessa siley Y pablo car who asked to investigate the irregularities of the social work that belongs to the judicial institution.

The offer that Patricia Bullrich wants to make to Javier Milei for the province of Buenos Aires

In total there will be 7 private complainants and 7 projects presented by legislators. This Thursday, organizations such as the Argentine Association of Jurists and the Civil Association for the Enforceability of Social Rights-Demand will also be presented.


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