Cecilia case: they found human blood in César Sena’s truck


forensic experts They found human blood in the truck that César Sena drove last June 2 and where it is suspected that he took the body of Cecilia Strzyzowski from the house of those now detained Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña to a field where it would have been cremated to disappear.

According to the report delivered to the prosecutor’s office, the finding was in the rear sector of the Toyota Hilux truck that was driven by César Sena and “given the positive result, it is referred to the forensic sample deposit of the molecular biology laboratory” for evaluation.

this way now a genetic test will be used to verify whether or not the blood belongs to Cecilia.

Cecilia Strzyzowski case: Justice authorized César Sena to receive visits, except that of his mother

That truck was the one that entered the garage of the Sena house on June 2, where it is suspected that Cecilia was murdered and from there he went to the family field where the victim would have been set on fire.

In this last place, charred bone remains were found that are being analyzed to determine whether or not it corresponds to Cecilia.

Until now, the presence of the blood of the missing woman in the house of the Sena was grantedin different parts of a room and now this other found in the vehicle and whose DNA matching study will try to determine the same.

The sample of human blood origin was from a swab with traces of the rear sector of the truck where Cecilia’s body is suspected to have been on June 2.

Cecilia Strzyzowski case: in two new letters, Marcela Acuña defends her husband and says that she covered her son

The report is signed by the technicians Sergio Moro and Nadia Filippis and the analysis they did was of eleven swabs where traces of blood were found, this is in the rear sector and the trunk.

The letter from Cecilia’s mother-in-law to Sena: “I protected Cesar”

the local media NORTH e Chaco released a letter this Thursday that Marcela Acuna she sent her husband Emerenciano Seinewhere he apologizes for having involved him in the crime of his ex-wife Cecilia Strzyzówswho and what he did it to cover up and protect Caesar. “I covered it up, I protected it”confessed.

In his letter, the leader “admits” that he did not want to involve him in the matter, but “it went wrong” and apologizes because Sena and “several innocent people” are unjustly imprisoned. By that letter, one of the members of the Special Prosecution Team put end point to the exchange of letters among them.

This is what the prosecutor Jorge Cáceres Olivera decreed with the ban as of Thursday, July 20, and now defendants and lawyers must be communicated verbally. “Attentive to the status of the case, and in order to avoid hindering the Preparatory Criminal Investigation in progress, let the places of accommodation of the defendants in the case know that communication with the lawyers and the detainees in this case should only be verbal.”


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