Cecilia Strzyzowski case: the prosecutor’s office asked that the Sena not share lawyers due to “conflicting interests”


The Chaco Public Prosecutor’s Office requested that Marcela Acuña, her husband, Emerenciano Sena, and their son, César Senado not share defense attorney for “competing interests”. The reason is sustained in article 129 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

For the prosecution in charge of the investigation, for the alleged femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski, the family’s current lawyer, Ricardo Osuna, he cannot maintain the three defenses, since, for example, Acuña expressed, through letters, that his son César is responsible for the femicide. This accusation runs counter to the interests of the victim’s husband, who is also defended by Osuna.

Acuña, then, will have to get another lawyer or an official defender will be assigned to him.

This decision, as reported Chaco Newspaper, has jurisprudence of the Superior Court of Justice. However, Osuna assured that “not giving up” and argued that this new measure is a strategy by prosecutors to make it difficult to defend the Sena family.

In any case, the Sena family’s lawyer told the local newspaper that is seeking the representation of a new attorney for Acuña and, in case of not obtaining a lawyer for the social leader, he will renounce the defense of César Sena and will remain only as lawyer for the couple.

The letter in which Acuña accuses his son “is not in the file”

Osuna referred to the “opposing interests” represented by Acuña’s statements and assured that the aforementioned letter is not in the file.

“If you want to enforce that, they will have to do at least one calligraphic expertise to corroborate that it is her signature and handwriting. She does not say that in her statement. They – through the Prosecutor’s Office – understand what they think, because it bothers them that I go out to speak in the media. All the other lawyers are silent, ”she declared to the local media.

The lawyer, on the other hand, reported on the health of his defendants: “I know that the medical board was held, I know that they went late; The reports with the result are still awaited and then they will refer everything to the prosecutor’s office to see if the house arrest corresponds or not ”. Both Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña were transferred to Perrando for clinical check-ups.

Acuña has been on a hunger strike since the beginning of her detention and Sena would be suffering from problems related to her diabetes. The latter appeared in the letter from her sister in which she asked him to start “showing off” and that she lower her sugar, in order to get house arrest.

The tests that could complicate the Sena

The DNA test on the charred bonesfound in the field of the Sena that will allow us to know if they are Cecilia’s or not, it will only be resolved in four weeks.

Cecilia was last seen on June 2.

However, there are other key pieces of evidence that could implicate Emerenciano Sena, Marcela Acuña and their son, César. One corresponds to traces of human blood found in a mattress and a piece of furniture that was inside the house, where Cecilia entered on June 2, as established by an image from a security camera, and which is also trying to determine whether it belonged to the young woman through DNA matching.

It would be a more than decisive indication to confirm that the young woman was murdered inside that house, from where she never left. In addition, there is another piece of evidence, and it is linked to the transfer of her body from the house to the field where she was cremated, and that a particular vehicle was obtained.

Thanks to the security cameras, the movement of the Toyota Hilux that led to César Sena on June 2 in the afternoon was possible. In the images it can be seen that he rear-ended her in the garage of the house and then left it: for the prosecutors, Cecilia’s body was in the trunk of the vehicle. For this reason I know possibly the week the luminol test in that van to know if traces of blood or other genetics are found.

The vehicle of the confessed Gustavo Obregón, the family employee who drove in another car alongside César Sena, and collaborated in the concealment, will also be examined.


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