Chiche Soñora recounted some requests from Riquelme to the coaches of the lower Boca

In the last time, Boca dispensed with bringing out great talents from the lower divisions, and some were consolidated in the Professional Squad led by Hugo Ibarra. Much of the blame, for the growth of the quarry of the xeneizeIt is from Juan Román Riquelme and an order that came down to Diego Soñora, General Coordinator of the inferiors, together with Blas Giunta.

Riquelme asked all of us when he arrived that all categories play the same, and that we respect the down payment. We always try to support the talented. All the juniors play 4-3-1-2″, he commented sonorous to Radio La Roja.

The coaches of the lower divisions of Boca

  • Coordinators: Blas Giunta and Diego Sonora
  • Reserve: Mariano Herrón and Claudio Morel Rodríguez
  • 4th: Claudio Morel Rodríguez
  • 5th: Walter Pico and Clemente Rodríguez
  • 6th: Matías Donnet and Daniel catá diaz
  • 7th: Antonio Barijho and Martín Andrizzi
  • 8th: Pablo Ledesma
  • 9th: Mauro Navas

Getafe wants Valentín Barco and made a formal offer

The jewel of Mouth aroused the interest of Getafe of Spainthat he will try to take him in this pass market, he already raised an offer of four million dollars for half of his file, the Football Council did not give him a thumbs down immediately, it will analyze this proposal and give an answer in the coming days.