Commotion in Vélez: Hernán Manrique, the reserve coach, died


This Friday, May 19, Argentine soccer received very sad news and it is related to the death of hernan Little stick Manrique, reserve technician Velez Sarsfield who died of cardiac arrest.

“It is with great pain that we regret to announce the recent death of Hernán Manrique, one of the Reserve coaches who decompensated before the game and suffered a cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital. Goodbye, Palito.” It was the post that the club published on its social networks.

Little stick The 49-year-old would have suffered a decompensation during the preview of the match corresponding to date 17 of the Projection Tournament in which Vélez had to face Racing Club.

When Manrique went to the locker room with the intention of finalizing the details of the match, he broke down and unfortunately we cannot revive him.. By the time the ambulances arrived, they had already run out of vital signs.

His coaching career

He started his path at the Fortín in 2017 to be in charge of a children’s team in a career where he became one of the institution’s benchmarks.

Subsequently, a technical duo was formed together with Marcelo Bravo and in the current tournament, Vélez is the leader of the contest.


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