Controversy: a veteran was kicked out of the San Juan stadium for wearing Malvinas clothing


He Malvinas Veteran Hector Naveda sure it was expelled from the San Juan del Bicentenario Stadium for wearing clothing alluding to the islands, when he went to witness a meeting of the Sub 20 world with his grandson.

I felt humiliatedit hurt for me and my country, but it hurt even more for my grandsonsince it was the first time that we would share the experience of going to the field together”, the veteran expressed feeling after what happened. It must be remembered that in Mendoza the plates of the Malvinas Islands that are on the board were covered to “avoid” political slogans After the controversy, finally the the symbols were uncovered.

Héctor Naveda: “I felt humiliated, it hurt even more for my grandson”

“This situation has made the country mobilize and make visible a situation that unfortunately happened in a row. Once again a veteran had to be humiliated for them to come to their senses and realize that they were acting wrong. After the repercussion that my case had, I was invited by the organization to witness the rest of the World Cup in the province, but I will not go because of the humiliation it does not return“, asserted Naveda, who was firm with his position.

In turn, he expressed that he was surprised to receive calls and messages from people he did not know and who expressed their solidarity with his case: “Indirectly, people from AFA sent me messages of apologies. I appreciate the gesture, but what’s done is done.“.

Falklands | They returned to exhibit the symbol and the Argentine flag that they had covered in a stadium of the Sub 20 World Cup

“I have been the technical director of soccer for 36 years and due to the fact that I was a veteran of the Malvinas war, I never thought that what happened to me in my province would happen to me. Today afternoon I invited my nevo for the first time to go to a court. There are moments when I have my club’s clothes, I have gone through several clubs here, and at times I wear Malvinas clothes.

When I go to enter the stadium they tell me I can’t. The Police are very good, but there were some guys with little cards that were from FIFA. They told me to take off my cap. I am not here to provoke anyone, what is my fault for being a Malvinas veteran. They made me take out by the Police. My anger and my shame was not for me, it was because I was with my grandson “

San Juan interceded with FIFA but the Malvinas veteran said: “He doesn’t come back from humiliation”

After the scandal, the government of San Juan, through the Sports Secretariat, interceded with FIFA and lThe fans will be able to enter the Bicentennial stadium with images alluding to the Malvinas Islands.

The clarification was made by the San Juan authorities in the preview of the match that will be played the Argentine Under 20 national team against New Zealandfor the third date of the World Cup that is being played in our country until June 11.

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