De Antonio D50 Coupé: innovation and design under cover

the new D50 Coupe owns a new superstructure equipped with three large windshields that completely protect the helm area from wind and spray, allowing you to enjoy a De Antonio all year round with a great sense of safety and comfort, at almost any latitude and in the most adverse conditions. With this model of 14.90 m overall length and a beam of 4.40 meters, Innovative lines and designs are maintained. The occasional novelty is provided without sacrificing the elegance, style and quality already printed.

Deck and Cabin

The D50 Coupé maintains all the distinctive features of the shipyard, with refined and innovative lines, capable of providing elegant and highly functional spaces with every level of detail. With its stimulating designs, De Antonio Yachts succeeds on this occasion in offering the same features as in previous models, but with the added value of being able to have a government area completely protected by a large windshield. Divided into three parts, the semi-tinted glass on the windshield, in addition to a more sporty vision to the boat as a whole, They provide protection from the sun’s rays and inclement weather. The long overhang that has been left in the bow of the robust hard-top offers perfect protection, both from the sun and from possible splashes of water. In all cases, the area offers the helmsman and his companions a Excellent 360º visibility.

the area of dad dispose of a large dinette with folding tables. Both the kitchen area and the U-shaped sofa are covered by the Hard-Top, with a bimini sliding. Further aft we already find the completely uncovered area of ​​the solarium. As in other shipyard models, this area is responsible for covering the outboard motors, leaving a large and comfortable solarium.

The D50 Coupé has a design where straight and modern lines dominate, with translucent and functional spaces with a clean and minimalist aesthetic. With customizable layouts, two or three cabins and one or two bathrooms, functionality and comfort do not break with innovative solutions, such as the already characteristic aft saloon. An element already incorporated into the manufacturer’s own DNA.


Navigation and conclusions

With two powerful Mercury Verado V12 engines of 600 Hp each, the unit that we had the opportunity to test revealed its sporty character with top speeds capable of exceeding 45 knots at 6,400 rpm. The D50 Coupé admits different engine options, to choose between two, three or four outboard units, reaching a maximum of 1,800 Hp. In any case, the efficiency of the hull, equipped with two steps, will be able to offer a high performance, both at high and medium speeds. By improving lift and glide, the more than 11,000 kg of displacement find their optimal cruising speed at speeds of around 30 knots at around 4,500 rpm. With speeds and more efficient consumption Autonomies of around 230 miles can be achieved, without diminishing the highly sporting qualities in the benefits of this unit.




  • overall length: 14.90 m
  • Beam: 4.40m
  • Draft: 0.70 m
  • Displacement: 11,500 kg
  • Engine: 2 x Mercury Verado V12 600 Hp
  • Optional engines:
  • • 3 x Mercury Verado L6 400 Hp
  • • 4 x Mercury Verado V8 300 Hp
  • • 4 x Mercury Verado L6 350 Hp
  • • 4 x Mercury Verado L6 400 Hp
  • Fuel capacity: 1,500 l
  • Water capacity: 350 l
  • Passengers: 12