Dibu Martínez and Yerry Mina met again in the game between Aston Villa and Everton


During the previous comparison of the Premier league between Aston Villa and Everton, a rather striking moment occurred. As the players prepared to take the fieldEmiliano Dibu Martínez and Yerry Mina met after what happened in the 2021 Copa América.

And it is that for those who have forgotten it, both players had a tense exchange during the penalty shootout of the remembered semifinal of the most important national team tournament on the continent.

In the end, as we all recorded it, the Colombian defender missed the shot after provocations from the Aston Villa goalkeeper, who stole the applause of his teammates at that time due to his work in front of the three sticks.

But, years later, both footballers saw their faces again in a new episode of the English League. On this occasion, there was no resentment and they even greeted each other very kindly. What’s more, we dare to say that both recognize what happened, but they know very well that it is part of the past.


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