Dibu Martínez broke the silence to respond to all his critics


emiliano drawing martinez was one of the fundamental pieces in obtaining the third crown with the Argentine national team. His work was impeccable during penalties against France in the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and due to his celebrations, several people in the world have criticized him for the way in which he celebrates his triumphs.

Faced with this panorama, the goalkeeper of the national team broke the silence and in statements given to france soccer He wanted to respond to all his detractors. “I asked my psychologist what might be going through the shooter’s head right now. When you play a World Cup final, in a stadium of 90,000 people, the slightest thing can affect you”, sure.

The Scaloneta goalkeeper assured that this “he had never done it in his life”, and added that these acts “They are part of the adrenaline of the game”, sustained about the particular movements they make during the penalty shootout.

“I hadn’t planned anything, it just happened. Some may think, ‘Oh, but what a clown’ and they may be right. But if you look, in my career I only celebrated decisive moments with the national team, very specific moments, not at all the parties”, said.

Martínez said that his colleagues tell him that “he has failed in the head.” Furthermore, he remarked that everyone who knows him knows that he is a good guy. “I don’t think I’m particularly arrogant or humble, but it’s my way of dealing with pressure, calming down and feeling confident.” he claimed.


Finally, he referred to his celebration with the award for best goalkeeper in the World Cup. “The gesture I made with the best goalkeeper trophy was a joke with my teammates. I had done it before in the Copa América and they told me that I didn’t dare to do it again. I did it for them, nothing more. It lasted a second and that’s it.”


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