Diego Schwartzman after being eliminated at Wimbledon: “I need to live with victory”


The level of diego schwartzmann versus jannik sinner gives to get excited And that was seen especially in the first set, about which the little he acknowledged: “If I see him again ten times, I win him nine.”

“I need to live with victory,” he admits exclusively with 442, but he assures that he does not despair to return to a certain level or ranking, but that he will continue working to play the most important tournaments in the world of the caliber of the magnificent Bang and the atp.

schwartzman He also assures that “he is not there to go for a walk to the tournaments and that his hunger is to compete”, but that if one day he loses that spark he will “dedicate himself to something else”.

The good performance he had against Sinner In a good part of the game, he feels that he can give him a boost and confidence to beat players like Borges, kecmanovic, Zapata Miralles who are around position 50 of the ATP ranking

He little He acknowledges that today he is “another player” due to a change for the better in his attitude and game. Positive in appearance, with more enthusiasm and confidence, schwartzman believes that the results require verse soon.

“I have nothing to reproach myself with in my career. I am very happy with everything that tennis has given me so far and I would like to continue playing it for several more years in the tournaments that I like the most and the biggest ones,” concluded a schwartzman intelligent, thoughtful and clear.

Daniel Alvarez from London.

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