Fernán Quirós and Jorge Tartaglione participated in the event organized by Perfil Educación


fernan quiros, Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires participated in the Health Industry event organized by Perfil Educación. “The pandemic was a social and multidimensional catastrophe, caused by a virus that caused uncertainty and damage in all dimensions: physical, mental and social,” Quirós said.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health was accompanied by.Jorge Tartaglione, cardiologist and science popularizer in the media who remarked that the sector had to get involved in order to respond to society. “It was very important to be able to communicate to society everything that the pandemic imposed and how it could be solved,” he assured.

In addition, in the introduction they gave to the event after being introduced by maria areceshost of Reperfilar, the newscast of net tv, in the studios where the program took place. She was the one who presented a debate on the issue of public health and politics, where the minister reflected that “it is about getting the best social impact from each peso invested” and continued “the central objectives of a government have to deploy the capacities of the citizen in his personal, family and economic development”.

When the atmosphere became more political, fernan encouraged “we have to get involved in politics, yes there are many of us who understand that cooperation comes before competition against the other” to which his partner asked him not to change, that politics continue to be so and as it is, “I want you to continue having the dialogue and but also to maintain the line of what you want to do, we must help each other” Pedro concluded.

On many occasions, Quirós and Tartaglione worked together. The appreciation they have for each other, in addition to the field in which they practice their profession, continues to find them and at the last opportunity

The second block was in charge of Matías Deprati, director of Medical Affairs of eleawhich represented one of the most recognized companies linked to the sector, and presented the corporate perspective on the health industry.

To end, are you interviewed the youtuber brothers who share the passion of being doctors and creators of the channel”Dr.Veller“, the most viewed digital space in Argentina on Science and Technology. Nicholas and Juan Ignacio Veller.They became the doctors who in a pandemic will decide to respond to people’s concerns and use virtuality to spread their profession reaching the whole world.

The objective of the meetings is to bring together the main political and corporate figures, specialists with a media presence and influencers and the best journalistic team in the country to inspire, exchange and generate commitments around the main challenges that Argentina will face in each area. The initiative addresses issues of vital importance to the country, such as energy, technology and the automotive industry, among others.

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The Energy Industry event was held thanks to the sponsorship of Insud, Biogénesis Bagó and Sinergium Biotech.

*Events Coordinator Corporate Agenda of Perfil Educación

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