Ficohsa Seguros ratifies its position as leader in the Honduran insurance sector


The National Banking and Insurance Commission published its latest report highlighting the strength of the Honduran sector, according to data at the end of 2022. According to the figures, as of December of last year, the insurance area registered a growth of 7.71 percent.

According to international industry standards, premiums are the most important aspect to measure in the insurance sector. The premium is established, among other variables, according to the type of risk insured, the coverage contracted in the policy, the duration of the contract or the capital insured.

The CNBS report establishes a ranking of the best-positioned insurance companies in the sector. In this list, the first place is occupied by Ficohsa Seguros with 24 percent of the market (3.4 million lempiras).

Mapfre occupies second place of this list, with 17.9 percent (2.5 million lempiras), and Seguros Atlántida, occupies third place, with 14.9 percent (2.1 million lempiras).

The backing of insurance companies is given by the confidence of the population. In a world experiencing uncertain times due to rising interest rates or high inflation with a future full of imponderables and risks (climate crisis, wars), insurance companies will be key in providing certainty to citizens.

In Honduras, this path was taken by Ficohsa Seguros, number one in the sector, from the development of innovative digital service platforms, which make possible the purchase and self-management of insurance through new means such as ATM, Interbanca, the TENGO AppGO; also self-management and service platforms such as the FicoCorredor App, Seguros Online, 24/7 service booths, WhatsApp, Call Center.


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