For religious reasons, Russia decided to call a truce in the war with Ukraine


President Vladimir Putin imposed a ceasefire from noon on Friday at the request of the Russian Church for the orthodox christmas which will last for the next three days. The novelty was branded as hypocritical and propagandistic by the Ukrainian government, which asked that the Russians leave the country

This is the first truce since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In this context, Russia called on Ukraine to take an identical measure, allowing citizens professing the Orthodox faith to visit churches.

Putin’s intention was welcomed by the United Nations (UN). However, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, was reticent because he claimed that it is an attempt by Moscow to buy some extra time on the battlefield.

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The announcement comes a few days after a Ukrainian attack that on New Year’s Eve caused at least 89 deaths in the town of Makívain the annexed Donetsk region.

In a rare occurrence, the Russian army admitted the tragic balance after the bombing against installations where there were hundreds of non-professional soldiers. Moscow, meanwhile, reports the first amnesties for Russian soldiers who agreed to fight in Ukraine for six months in exchange for their freedom.

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