Franco Rinaldi regretted his discriminatory statements but ruled out lowering his candidacy


The pre-candidate for Buenos Aires legislator of Together for Change, Franco Rinaldi, made a lengthy release in which he regret part of his sayings qualified as homophobic and discriminatorythat generated controversy in the official alliance at the local level.

“I am sorry for some things I said and I sincerely apologize. I insist that my injuries during the pandemic were an experiment, an attempt to seek through humor the limits of language and correctness“He began in a statement that he shared this Sunday on his social networks.

And followed: “Now I realize that sometimes I exceeded those limits, the experiment got out of hand and I said things that were not right. One can play a lot of strapping, but you must admit when he throws her out. I made a mistake and I learned“.

The UCR asks Jorge Macri to remove Franco Rinaldi from his list for “homophobia and discrimination”

Rinaldi explained that he made this clarification, because now he has a “political responsibilityand he does not only represent himself, “but also a political space that trusted me and, eventually, the Buenos Aires people who voted for me.”

“That requires a different conduct. In politics, the things that one says have weight and that is why it is important to be as clear as possible. And being clear means saying that of course I am against homophobia or any type of discrimination,” he said.

Later, he thought that the decision of contesting his candidacy is “exaggerated and opportunistic”“. And he added: “It is not good that we become a society where anyone is canceled for loose phrases from the past, expressed in other contexts, outside of politics“.

Jorge Macri and Franco Rinaldi.

We all make mistakes We all have the choice to change our minds. The opposite is terrible: living in fear of saying something that at some point may be considered reprehensible“, finished.

Yacobitti said that Rinaldi tries to “false the problem”

The national deputy of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) Emiliano Yacobitti I wish Rinaldi”try to fake the problem” with your answer. Also, I wish it was a “victimization and to reaffirm that it is a standard-bearer against the cancellation“.

Yacobitti argued that he wants to “falsify” the problem “he is lying when he affirms that he is new to party politics, he was a candidate for the United Republicans in 2021 and he continued to be a public reference in that space.”

Rodríguez Larreta questioned Franco Rinaldi and spoke of Jorge Macri: “He disagrees”

Also because armed his public reference insulting minimal and that attributes to him to grow in popularity”.

“Nobody talked about censoring what he says. The vast majority of the JxC members of the City repudiate his statements and request that he not be a candidate by our force”, he expressed.

Yacobitti opined that Rinaldi’s statements are “antithetical to the values ​​of freedom, respect and appreciation of diversity that JxC represents.”

Franco Rinaldi 1 g_20230628
Franco Rinaldi.

“Is clinician who is victimized; It shows that those are his ideas about women, gays and people living in slums,” she added.

“He is a political scientist graduated from a public university. He studied different theories of public liberties and knows that no freedom is absolute. He knows that his words as a political leader have and must face the same consequences,” he expanded in his enumeration.

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