“Freedom or death”: the challenging phrase of the mother of Facundo Jones Huala


After the red alert from Interpol, Facundo Jones Huala He will be detained preventively until the extradition request is formalized. In the meantime, isabel hualathe mother of the leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM)He issued a threat after his son’s arrest.

“Freedom or death”, was the challenging phrase used by Jones Huala’s mother. It is the title of a song that she shared on Facebook. The theme of the Wechekeche ñi Trawün band is linked to the prisoners of the Mapuche community. This phrase adds to the tension in El Bolsón, Río Negro, where the leader of the RAM was arrested.

In that line, he added: “I woke up with this song on my mind like 4 in the morning.” Then, she also added a photo of the character “The Joker”, Batman’s enemy, with the phrase: “Open your eyes and don’t trust everyone of sheep ten nine are wolves”.

They were not his only publications: “On the field you can see the pingos, and when the potatoes burn, few remain… Today I woke up inspired because life takes many turns, but when you love, that love never dies or changes, I speak of love to a sonalso the love for the struggle of the Mapuche people, We have ever gotten drunk or rather farted because we are human, but here you can see who is really supporting“.

“To those who The story of the right media is not believed and they are worried I tell them that I will do everything in my power and that I will never let go of the hand of anyone who fought with feyentun. As soon as we have news we will tell you. Thank you mañun, for being close or at a distance ”, he concluded.

The undersecretary of the Interior of Chile, Manuel Monsalve, revealed that the administration of the president Gabriel Boric began the procedures to request the extradition of the Mapuche leaderas reported by the newspaper The Mercury: “Today during the course of the morning Facundo Jones Huala was arrested in Argentina and, as you know, he has a pending sentence in Chile, for which reason the procedures to request his extradition have already begun.”

The opposition celebrated the arrest of Jones Huala but did not stop criticizing the Government

Along the same lines, the Minister of Security and Justice of the province of Río Negro, Betiana Minor, anticipated that the leader of the RAM could be released if Chile did not make the extradition request effective, given that the crimes for which they accuse the activist, they do not require preventive detention.

“We have a short term of 24 hours for ordinary crimes but to sustain the arrest we need Chile to request the extradition,” said the official, in dialogue with the site Black river, and reiterated that Jones Huala: “He does not have an international arrest request, for that Chile must raise the alert level from blue (as it is currently) to red and request extradition.” Then, finally, Interpol did issue the red alert, so he would no longer be released.

The arrest of Facundo Jones Huala.

The arrest of Jones Huala

The RAM leader is Argentine and has been on the run since February 11, 2022. In 2013, he was sentenced to nine years in prison by the Chilean justice for the crimes of arson and illegal possession of weapons. He enjoyed the benefit of probation until it was revoked by the Supreme Court.

During the early hours of this Monday, he was arrested by members of the Río Negro Police for the crime of violation of private property after a complaint from a neighbor.

Interpol issued a red circular so that Jones Huala remains in preventive detention and is extradited
Interpol issued a red circular to ensure the preventive detention with extradition fines of the leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM).

Drunk and dressed in a skirt, that’s how I found Jones Huala

they found it drunk, dressed in a skirt and red shoesY hidden in the barbecue of a house in the La Esperanza neighborhood, in El Bolsón.

in dialogue with Radio Rivadaviathe governor of Río Negro, Arabela Carreras revealed: “We had very outstanding actions from the Ministry of National Security and the federal forces because they acted together in a unified command.”

Who is Facundo Jones Huala, the Mapuche leader awaiting his extradition to Chile

This is an issue that opened debates within the ruling party as a result of the rapprochement of a sector of the Government with the Mapuche groups, as was the case of the former Minister of Security Sabina Frederic and the former head of the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs Magdalena Odarda.

Despite this, Carreras highlighted the support of the current portfolio holder, Hannibal Fernandez.

Finally, he denounced: “Crimes against property and people have been permanent for years. With a very strong conviction and a very professional job by the Río Negro police, we are giving answers.”

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