From the stands of the Monumental, the fans asked for the continuity of Enzo Pérez


During the moment in which the players carried out pre-competitive exercises, throughout the monumental stadium a cry exploded with a particular request. On this occasion, fans of the Milo They did not sing for the title, they tried to convince the captain so that he can continue integrating the ranks of the Núñez team.

“Enzo is from River, from River he does not leave”, were the words that the followers recited on a stage that was attended by at least 86 thousand people.

This fact occurred after the world Millionaire it was known that Enzo Perez would have decided to postpone its renewal. Without a doubt, it was a request that intends to break the fibers of one of the referents of the group directed by Martin Demichelis.

The marshal thanked the fans for their attention, but it is possible that there will be no change of planes. For now, there are some proposals on the horizon that a player who plays the shirt of the cross band vary, achieve several titles and also win the affection of the fans of the Núñez team.


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