Google will release AI language models very soon

Alphabet Inc. CEO, sundar pichai, said that Google will make available to large users artificial intelligence based language models as LaMDA “in the coming weeks and months.”

Users will soon be able to use language models “as a search plugin”Pichai said Thursday in a conference call after the internet search giant’s fourth-quarter earnings report.

“We are just at beginning of our AI journey, and the best is yet to come,” he said.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, 8 possible signs of “alien life” were detected

Google’s rival Microsoft Corp., drew attention by outlining blueprints for adding artificial intelligence capabilities from startup OpenAI, including the ChatGPT content generator, to its products, including the Bing search engine.

Microsoft’s move to incorporate AI has led to speculation that it could pose a significant challenge to Google’s dominance as a search engine.


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