How Netflix’s ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Connects To ‘The Sandman’ Series


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After being on HBO Max for a pilot and then passing away, Dead Boys Detective will soon land in its new home on Netflix. Given the connection to The Sandman in the comics, how could it connect to Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman? Will there be a crossing? Since the comic originates from the Sandman universe, it seems likely!

dead detectives tells the story of Edwin Payne (George Rexstew) and Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri), two deceased schoolchildren who remain on Earth as detectives instead of entering the afterlife.

His appearance in sandman #25 (April 1991), written by Neil Gaiman, serves as the origin story for the characters. The problem relates to volume 4 of The Sandman, foggy seasonwhere (revelation) Lucifer leaves Hell and the dead come back to life in the waking world. He dead detectives The theme is one that numerous writers have continued in their own comics, from Ed Brubaker to Toby Litt. The official text for the eight-episode series reads:

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“Dead Boy Detectives is a new take on a ghost story that explores loss, grief and death through the lens of Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland…and their very much alive friend, Crystal Palace. It’s a lot like an old detective show, only darker and more acidic.”

Aside from the main duo, the series also stars; Kassius Nelson as (Crystal Palace), Briana Cuoco (Jenny the Butcher), Ruth Connell (Nightmare Nurse), Yuyu Kitamura (Niko), and Jenn Lyon (Esther).

Acclaimed screenwriters Steve Yockey (Stewardess) and Beth Schwartz (Arrow) bring dead detectives series on television. shadow and bone‘s Lee Toland Krieger was brought on board to direct adaptation. The show wrapped production in April 2023. Upon completion, cinematographer Marc Laliberté praised the team for their hard work on the series:

“That’s a summary. [S]Dead Boy Detectives Season 1. What an incredible gift of a show that kept on giving with each new script and each new director. It took a town to bring another of Neil Gaiman’s incredible worlds to the small screen. Very grateful to have been part of his gestation ”.

How could Dead Boy Detectives connect with The Sandman?

Considering that filming wrapped up some time before the move from HBO to Netflix was announced, there was time for the team to address potential changes to the story and ways it could intersect with The Sandman. In fact, with Sandman going into season 2, covering the foggy season plot, the story arc in which Charles Rowland and Edwin Payne make their first appearances, has the potential to fit right in with dead detectives.

Previously, viewers of doom patrol They were curious to know if dead detectives would do cross with that program. It made sense from dead detectives It was originally an HBO series.

However, since the cast is different from Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland who appeared briefly in doom patrol, it is almost certain that there will be no crossover between them. Part of the reason it was removed was because it doesn’t fit into the DC universe of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Currently, we have no confirmation of a cross with Sandmanso no, don’t expect Tom Sturridge’s Dream of the Endless to appear out of nowhere.

However, when addressing a fan on Twitter, Neil Gaiman revealed that dead detectives is definitely within the Sandman continuity. “Sandman Universe,” she wrote. “I think it’s safe to say now.”

Neil Gaiman was not directly involved in the production of dead detectives. But the series has his full support. “It’s so good,” he previously said tweeted. “I mean, it really is that good. I’ve seen the pilot. I have read the scripts. So good. (You’ll have to trust me).”

when can we expect dead detectives release?

dead detectives It doesn’t have a release date yet.

With filming complete, it looks like a possible release date is imminent. With that being said, Netflix could bide its time with the release. Given the way the story connects with Sandman, it makes sense to launch both programs in a similar time frame. And with them being directly connected, Sandman season 2 even covers the origin story of dead detectives? There is a potential clash of interests there. The likely result is dead detectives the show will cover Sandman #25, began filming before moving to Netflix. The Sandman Season 2 started filming recently. The next batch of episodes is scheduled to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2024.

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