Impeachment of the Supreme Court of Justice: why Thursday, February 9 is the key date

The impeachment request to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation advances in the Chamber of Deputies. Thursday, February 9, will be key in the next process against the members of the highest court.

Next week will be final, given that the commission will vote on whether or not the charges promoted by the front of all against Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti.

carolina gallardoa deputy from the Frente de Todos explained that it is the most important opinion of all, since it It is a report with the resolution that declares the complaints made admissible.

Walter Martos, prosecutor of the Lucio Dupuy case: “I have never seen a case of this nature”

The regulation establishes that it must be analyzed whether the allegations are objective for the opening of an investigation summary. The vote will be a formal step since the ruling party has the necessary majority.

The ruling opens the impeachment process and, from that moment, the four ministers of the Court will be accused of poor performance of their functions. No later than February 16, more than 30 witnesses are still before the commission.

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