In the debuts of Martín Palermo and Gabriel Heinze, Platense and Newell’s distributed points

Platense and Newell’s equalized 2-2 by date 1 of the professional League 2023, at the Ciudad de Vicente López stadium, where martin palermo Y gabriel heinz They debuted with their respective teams.

On an afternoon in which the goalkeepers’ bloopers took center stage, the opening of the scoring reached 11 minutes into the game. Lucas Hoyos started the play with a long ball to the back of Juan Infante so that Francisco González lowered the ball from first to Ramiro Sordo, who barely touched it to score the first goal of the match.

Later, Nicolás Morgantini tied at 27 after a cross from the right by Maximiliano Zalazar that Willer Ditta cleared to the back and left the way clear in the right sector, behind Bruno Pittón.

Later, a shot with the instep of number 4 passed under Hoyos’s legs to establish equality with the suspense of the VARthat ruled out a possible offside by Mauro Quiroga considering that the player did not interfere in the action.

In the first minutes of the plug-in, Newell’s found itself in an excellent situation to take the lead, After a handball in the area by Juan Pablo Pignani, he had a penalty shot in his favour, but the shot was taken by Sordo and saved by Ignacio Arce.

Conversely, at 17, Platense took advantage of a serious error by Hoyoswho miscalculated and he left the ball served, so that Franco Baldassarra pushed it into the net under the three sticks.

But two minutes later, in another Squid discovery, Francisco Gonzálezentering from the right diagonally, cWith a crossed shot, he overcame Arce’s weak resistance and sealed the final 2-2.

On the next date, Platense will visit Independiente on Sundayat 5:00 p.m., while Newell’s will receive Vélez in Rosario on Friday from 20.