Instituto suffered a painful defeat against Rosario Central


Institute has not played well for a long time. Therefore, it is no coincidence that of the last 8 games they have only won one. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is in the last places of the Professional League table and is in the relegation zone. Finally, it did not attract attention that he lost during his visit to Rosario Central. “Gloria” fell 4-1 against “Canalla” on date 19 of the tournament and its moment is more than worrying.

Is it to grab your head? It is to grab the head. Because he shows no reaction. In Rosario he was dominated in a large part of the game. Beyond the fact that possession of the ball belonged to those led by Lucas Bovaglio. When he had the ball he did not know how to create danger. He showed enormous defensive shortcomings, they entered him from the sides, through the middle… he had no creation zone and that, of course, harmed the offense, which had no weight.

Central, with his kids plus Malcorra, took him ahead when he wanted. After 15 minutes, Alejo Veliz opened the scoring with a great goal, after a loss in the middle of the field by Gabriel Graciani (who is far from the level that made him one of the figures of the promotion). Minutes later, the forward of the U-20 team scored another great goal, but the VAR annulled it due to a shoulder. The ‘Gloria’ was very exposed to the speed of the Rosario strikers.

In the complement, the ‘glorious’ cast made its best debut. She generated situations, but never hurt. Abuse, again of the centers. The statistics say that he threw 19 centers and the percentage of effectiveness of the same was 10 percent. In all the matches, Instituto throws and throws centers, and most of the time without its own recipients: a flaw that has shown throughout the tournament and continues to be resolved. Is it to grab your head? Yes it is to grab the head. They are details that in First Division are not forgiven. Lack of ideas and arguments.

At 12′ into the second half, the Colombian Jamilton Campaz held on against Mosevich and with a crossed left foot made it 2-0 for the locals. Then, Giaccone took advantage of two balls in the rival area that favored him and scored 3-1. liquidated party. At 27′ “Maravilla” Martínez narrowed the penalty gap and ended a streak of 476 minutes without converting. And at the end of the game, Giaccone scored the final 4-1. The pale faces of the players are all evidence. There is a lack of reaction, it needs a reaction, because the dates pass and the concern advances.

The table of averages has an Institute in 27th place, with 1,105, only above Arsenal (0.989). The last two of this table lose the category at the end of the season. A difficult week is coming for the cast of Alta Córdoba.

By the way, the captain of the team, Fernando Alarcón, declared: “We are sad, we are not finding a way around it. The results are not being given to us. We have to take charge of this moment and make self-criticism. Even a person is self-critical, everyone knows the performance in which we are. I gave the word that we are going to reverse it, I have no doubt, I am convinced, that we are going to reverse it. We have to work, that’s how we get out of this”.

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