Insúa has faith to face River: “We can beat any rival”


San Lorenzo receive a Riverleader of the Professional Soccer League (LPF), on Saturday night at the Nuevo Gasómetro, with the aim of prolonging the consecration of the Millionairewho already knows that he will not be able to shout champion before him Cyclone.

Ruben Dario Insua He talked about what will be the big clash of the date and, far from shrinking to face the pointer, he redoubled the bet. “We are a good team and we can beat any rival. We will have to wait for tomorrow to be certain, but I have faith for tomorrow’s meeting“, said insúa.

Later, the DT referred to what was the controversial tie against Careers in the Cilindro and added: “I am not hurt by what happened on the Racing field. I think the 2 penalties were penalties. I will never judge the arbitrations. There are people more capable than me to do it. I liked how the team played.”

Lastly, the Galician spoke of the possible reinforcements of San Lorenzo and he once again made it clear that he wants a center forward. “I don’t like to talk about specific names, If we manage to close any of the fronts that we expect before the game with DIM, it will be goodOtherwise we don’t want to rush and we will wait for a player who is up to the standards of San Lorenzo”, he concluded. insúa.

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