Italy found no new Covid variants from China


Italy I did not find New Activations of Covid-19 of concern in himnewly arrived passengers from China who have tested positive for the virus, a relief for authorities worried about new health threats.

Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia MeloniHe said that half of the samples taken in Milan have already been sequenced and all yielded the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

“This is quite reassuring,” he said at a news conference on Thursday. “The situation in Italy is under control and there are no immediate concerns.”

In the last weeks, China has removed its strict containment measures, which has caused an increase in infections in the country. While the exact numbers are unclear, the rapid spread has raised concerns around the world about a possible emergence of new variants.

On Wednesday, the United States and Italy joined a growing number of countries requiring Covid tests for travelers from China, after Japan and Taiwan unveiled similar measures.

Italy sequenced viral samples from passengers on two recent flights from China. approximately half of those who traveled on those planes had tested positivealthough most showed no symptoms.

It also called on other European countries to take testing measures, although, for now, governments have only said they are monitoring the situation.

is GermanyThe Health Ministry said it has seen no evidence that any variant of concern has emerged in China compared to what is already circulating in Germany.

Faced with this situation, the European Union health authorities removed themselves on Thursday to address the issue of outbreaks in China.

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