Javier Mascherano’s lament after the elimination of Argentina: “We did everything to continue”


Javier Mascherano spoke after the removal of the Argentine national team of the Sub 20 world at the hands of Nigeria and, despite the pain for the result, he rescued what was exhibited by the team in San Juan.

We knew that if we made a mistake or discovered in defense we could pay for itUnfortunately, the two discovered that we ended up being the two goals that penalized us too much, but the truth is that the team tried anyway, by all means. Nothing to reproach, the boys left everything, we had many situations and we couldn’t be effective“, summed up the coach.

The U-20 technical director also tried to take away the drama of this defeat: “Soccer sometimes gives you and sometimes it takes awaytoday he took us away and we have to congratulate Nigeria on the pass”.

He little boss He added a reflection: “What we always said, in the end (you have to) understand that in this game many times merit has nothing to do with the result, they will have to raise their heads and continue with their clubs now, life goes on. It hurts our soul because we did everything to be able to continue in the championship, but I am leaving with the peace of mind that today it was us, the team showed a lot of calm when it came to playing against a very physical opponent, we played the game they used to do and it couldn’t happen.”

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