Juan Grabois obtained his candidacy for President: “I am the first candidate of the Frente de Todos”


John Grabois contribution that will be a candidate for president for the Frente de TodosIn case the Minister of the Interior, Peter’s Wado do not apply. In addition, he announced that this year he will take a less confrontational position towards the Government.

“I propose my candidacy. I am a candidate. Until now the only one who said that I was a candidate is me. First candidate of the Front of All”announced the social leader in dialogue with Gustavo Sylvestre on the program minute one by C5Nalthough he clarified that “if Wado goes, he doesn’t go”.

“What I propose is a five-year plan and a candidate of our generation. Obviously there are men and women much better than me for that, I hope they are encouraged“He added and said that” what worries him is that there is a center-conservative alliance that is the only option within the Frente de Todos.

In this sense, he affirmed, to be willing to go towards Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO): “They are the right instrument for this historical stage. That the people choose and that the one who wins leads and the one who loses accompaniesbut that he accompanies from his own identity and from what he was able to demonstrate through the polls”.

Likewise, he assured that “the next Government will be a Government of the Front of All”, but remarked: “We have to settle the candidacies, the orientations within the PASO and, of course, We have to change the chip, defend ourselves between us and make the correct differences without aggression“.

Juan Grabois asked to avoid internal discussions and assured: “If I have to be a candidate, I know that Cristina will support me”

“I get very angry with Alberto or with Sergio Massa, and until 2022 I was open-mouthed”recognized the leader of the Frente Patria Grande and then clarified: “In an election year, first the country, then the movement and then the men”. “I look at the photo of Bullrich, of Macri, of Larreta and my anger goes away, it goes away a little and I can have discussions without personal aggression.”

In this sense, he maintained: “There are 10 months left in the Government, and in these 10 months we must help the Government do its best and fulfill as many promises as possible, with the 2019 electoral contract, we have to push towards that place”.

“You don’t have to make a tango out of this, that’s it”stated the militant and, in a call for greater unity within the ruling party and a reduction in internal conflicts, he insisted: “There are 10 months left in the Government and we must make the best possible Government”.

Grabois said that the arrest of Jones Huala is a “smokescreen on the real problem in Patagonia”

In any case, the also leader of the MTE clarified that he maintains several differences and disagreements with the current government, such as his discrepancy with the agreement closed with the International Monetary Fund or debt forgiveness to the companies Edenor and Edesur. “They are political differences that must be put on track”emphasized.

“We have to have a very solid idea that the Frente de Todos is an adequate delimitation for this moment. We have to rebuild that unit that is a little brokenbut he presented in the STEP what is the representation that each of the sectors has”, he expanded.

In addition, he concluded: “We cannot continue discussing and interpreting reality through the media, for what they say in in you off. We have to be in the mood to do the best possible for the people and the country in these ten months. And when the elections come around, guarantee unity in diversity.”


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