JXC internal in La Pampa: the UCR beat PRO and imposed its candidate Martín Berhongaray


He National deputy and candidate for governor of La Pampa, Martín Maquieyra (PRO)recognized his defeat in the internal elections that took place in the province and congratulated the radical candidate Martin Berhongaraya few minutes before the official results of the elections are known.

With 99.61% of the polling stations counted in an election that was characterized by low turnout at the polls, the candidate of the UCR obtained 56.28% of the votes compared to 43.72% of its internal adversary.

In this way, radicalism shows off its chest in the first escalation of the 2023 electoral roadmap, in the midst of the internal one that it maintains mainly with the PRO for the leadership of the opposition alliance.

Martín Berhongaray and his running mate Patricia Testa, defeated the PRO candidate in the internal JxC. PHOTO: NA

“Thanks to everyone who joined us this Sunday and to all the team who worked hard these days. We had a great choice and the important thing now is to go together for May 14. Congratulations @MBerhongaray for the result, now forward all together!” Maquieyra posted on her Twitter account.

Berhongaray, who established himself as a candidate for governor of La Pampa for Together for Change for the elections on May 14, affirmed that his victory demonstrates “the need for radicalism to have a leading role” within Together for Change.

First electoral test of the year makes the opposition internal play and a governor K

The head of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), Gerardo Moralesexpressed Berhongaray’s victory by saying that “began the transformation in La Pampa”. “We have a united and mobilized party, willing to strengthen Together for Change even more to transform La Pampa and the country,” he said on Twitter.

The primary, open and simultaneous elections in the province of La Pampa closed at 6:00 p.m. with great expectations about the Juntos por el Cambio internship, which pitted Maquieyra against Berhongaray.

The Pampeano Justicialista Front (FreJuPa), on the other hand, had a single list and is represented by the current governor, Sergio Ziliottoin formula with the provincial deputy Alicia Mayoral.

Carrió promised to self-exile if Milei is president: he accused her of feeling “more comfortable with the K”

Of the six lists presented, Together for Change was the only space that resolved its candidate in an internal one, which is why it became the main animator on electoral Sunday.

in fact, The main national referents of the opposition coalition are closely following the future of this electionthe first of several provincial battles in which different factions of the alliance will face each other at the polls, in the midst of undisguised internal tensions and problems to order the electoral offers.

the pampa Martín Berhongaray 1 g_20230212
Radicalism prevailed internally against the PRO in La Pampa. PHOTO: Telam

Who is Martin Berhongaray?

Berhongaray, a national deputy since 2019 and previously a UCR provincial legislator for 12 years, had the support of the entire structure and territory of radicalism at the national and provincial levels.

Lousteau traveled to Santa Rosa, the pampean capital, to accompany Berhongaray in his victory, while the rest of the main exponents of radicalism communicate by telephone to congratulate him.

Congratulations to Berhongaray

From the president of the UCR, Gerardo Morales, through the national deputy Mario Negri, the radical governors to the deputy Facundo Manes and senator Martín Lousteau closed ranks around his candidacy. .

Instead, Maquieyra was accompanied by the rest of the national figures of Together for Change: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Patricia Bullrich, María Eugenia Vidal, Mauricio Macri and Elisa Carrió.

the pampa Martín Berhongaray 1 g_20230212
The Berhongaray celebration. PHOTO: Telam

Lousteau traveled to Santa Rosa, the pampean capital, to accompany Berhongaray in his victory, while the rest of the main exponents of radicalism communicate by telephone to congratulate him.

“Congratulations to @MBerhongaray and his team for the result. Thanks to all the Pampas who voted today. Martín is a great candidate to represent @juntoscambioar in La Pampa and be the next governor. This is the first step. Let’s renew JxC throughout Argentina,” the national senator tweeted along with a photo taken minutes before in the UCR bunker, where he is seen hugging the winner of the electoral contest.

Together for Change prepares for a 2023 full of inmates in the provinces

Euphoric, Gerardo Morales recorded an audio that he broadcast to the press and highlighted the victory of the UCR over the PRO in this first electoral challenge of the 2023 calendar.

“The victory of the UCR in La Pampa headed by the formula of Martín Berhongaray and Patricia Testa, demonstrates that when radicalism is united, when it works responsibly for a provincial and country project, and with the principles and values ​​of radicalism, He will receive the support of his people,” he said.

For the Jujuy governor, “this triumph of radicalism over the PRO leader reaffirms the path of unity of Together for Change.” .

“Today Together for Change has to be more united than ever to win the elections in La Pampa and change the course of the Argentine Republic,” he closed.

20220212 Vote of Martín Maquieyra in La Pampa.
The candidate for governor of La Pampa, Martín Maquieyra (PRO).

Meanwhile, Negri broadcast Twitter to celebrate the radical’s victory: “The change in La Pampa already has a candidate! Deserved victory!”

“Congratulations to @MBerhongaray for the election and candidacy for Governor of La Pampa, to the entire team of Together for Change and to all the people of the Pampas who participated. Now all together to win!” tweeted the president of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro, despite the fact that he had supported Maquieyra in the previous one.

The Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, had bet heavily on his own party’s candidate, but did not spare praise for the vendor.

“Congratulations to @mberhongaray for the election of @juntoscambioar in La Pampa and to @martinmaquieyra who we suspect that with commitment and a lot of work the first step can be taken to build change. Now to work together to transform the province!”, he wrote.

The STEP in La Pampa

La Pampa is one of the many Peronist territories that decide to split their contest from the national one.

Voting took place normally at the 777 polling stations, located in 165 educational establishments, in which some 293,800 people from the Pampas were authorized to vote.

It was the first time in La Pampa that provincial law 3259 was enforced, which guarantees gender parity in candidacies for elective public office.


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