Kikuchi spoke of “operations” against Milei after the leak of audios about the alleged sale of candidacies


The doubts against javier milei by possibly sale of applications of his political space were magnified this Wednesday, July 5, after the leak of a WhatsApp audio in which, presumably, liliana salinaslibertarian leader in the province of Entre Ríos, refers to a controversial campaign financing mechanism, consisting of a “Monthly amount“that applicants must “contribute” to be pre-candidates.

Milei insists that it is a smear operation against her, while carlos kikuchiresponsible for putting together the lists, expressed himself in the same terms and assured that the evidence emerged “by the fear they have in Together for Change“and because”the K because they think they are third“.

The controversial audios came to light in the newspaper The nation and they would belong to a conversation via WhatsApp in which Salinas, the Entre Ríos reference of the Popular Conservative Party, alluded to a “monthly amount” required of pre-candidates to integrate the lists of Javier Milei’s space.

“Each candidate has to finance his own campaign, which are campaign contributions,” he explained. liliana salinas a your interlocutor.

“If you have any questions, you can talk to Julio,” said the leader in apparent reference to Julio Sernaanother key figure of Milei in the assembly of the lists.

“There is a monthly amount that each candidate has to start meeting as soon as he is a pre-candidate”Salinas exposed and at the same time referred to the pressure of the electoral schedule: “We are already working on that in record time. We have to start putting together the lists now as is being done everywhere.”

Juan Carlos Blumberg pointed against Milei: “They used me for the photo”

In the audio, not only Javier Milei and Serna are mentioned, but also Carlos Kikuchi. The message that spread The nation implies that each of them would find themselves with the controversial financing mechanism of the candidacies “It is so. Nobody is going to be surprised. Not even (Carlos) Kikuchi is going to be surprised, not even Julio Serna is going to be surprised, not even Javier Milei himself is going to be surprised,” the libertarian reference graphed.

“Because Javier Milei, precisely, is what he is doing to future candidates. They have to finance the campaign, it’s like that“, is heard in the WhatsApp conversation.

Viviana Canosa asked Javier Milei about the preparation of lists with Sergio Massa and received an unusual response

Kikuchi’s response to the various accusations

Against this, carlos kikuchi took the floor and, in tune with Milei, stated that it would be a “defamation” campaign orchestrated by Together for Change and the ruling party.

“The Operations and defamations against Javier Milei and our space arises from the fear that they have in Together for Change, Patricia because she believes that Javier Larreta will win the PASO and Larreta because she believes that Santilli will lose the Province of Buenos Aires, and Los K because they believe that they are third“, exposed the questioned leader on Twitter,


Finally, Kikuchi minimized the criticism without going into the conflict and stressed the strengthening of Milei at the national level.

“Having said this, today Javier Milei is already competitive in the 24 provinces for President and Vice, he has a full ballot of National deputies and senators in 22 provinces. In short, they attack us because a leader capable of transforming Argentina has finally appeared”, Carlos Kikuchi.

The protests against Milei for the alleged “sale of candidacies”

The new audios add to the businessman’s accusations Juan Carlos Blumbergwho maintained that the space headed by Javier Milei charges up to 50,000 dollars to enter a list.

Blumberg had recently joined Libertad Avanza, but later left in the midst of affirming the leadership of the force of alleged attempts to do “business” with politics.

“We have identified who created this lie and from there many people joined this lie. We are going to initiate legal action against Blumberg and those who spread these lies,” Milei said in statements to continental radio.

In addition, Carlos Maslaton sure to PROFILE in a recent interview that “Milei sells a gubernatorial candidacy for 100 thousand dollars“.

In mid-June, journalist and former Neuquén governor candidate for Complir, carlos eguiaHe distanced himself from Milei and detailed the reasons why he will not join the ranks of La Libertad Avanza in the province ahead of the PASO on August 13.

“The one who talks about the charges, the caste, the political jets and what do I know, it’s the first jet. The first thing that was done 20 days after the elections was to call me to request positions in the Neuquén Legislature,” Eguía avoided.


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