Laguna de Perón, myths, mysteries and realities


Hay places that hide myths, facts, stories and legends. One of them is the Perón Lagoon, is San Miguel del Monte, belonging at the time to the Lieutenant General Juan Domingo Peron, President for three terms of the Argentines. Being a private property, like several mirrors in the province, it was always a mystery when it came to fishing. The locals speak of silversides that exceeded three kilograms, something like that to what happened with the culu culu lagoon, between Lobos and Monte, which for about forty years was forbidden to the public, and when finally an entrepreneur was able to open it, the issue of drought arose and, today, there are only patches of water. From this lagoon, it was also mentioned that there were huge tarariras, becoming the name of the field to which there tried his lures “Pocho” Ianone, the hero of the artificial ones, Being its factory in Pasaje Valencia, the obligatory step for fishing specialists, famous for its barbecues on Saturday nights from other times, back in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

But let’s go back to the perón lagoon, that in the cadastral plan Figure as El Seco. A part, because there is a portion that has another owner, we refer to the one of its current owner, a Malay prince, an older person, who from time to time, almost in secret, except for the mountain people, comes along with a procession. The property has been guarded for more than 20 years by the same staff. It is worth mentioning that previously the property belonged to another native of Malaysia, a kind of aide-de-camp, what is called there how “of the entourage”. The prince, a great lover of horses in his time, would go to the Campo Argentino de Polo de Palermo to see the “open games”, and he even knew how to have a polo field in Monte, today abandoned and covered with vegetation. He also bought and took to his country, by plane, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 purebred horses. Chatting with people close to the lagoon, they told us that he no longer comes so often, perhaps once a year, together with his wife, and they drive around his field in a car, speaking perfect English with whom he acts as driver.


When in the Perón lagoon good times reigned and an interesting flow of water, the fans fished in the overflows outside the private area, large specimens of tarariras and silversides, but in the last run what we did in the area the height did not exceed 50 centimeters and the locals commented about specimens of dead silversides that weigh up to three kilograms.


It is said that former President Perón and Eva Duarte, “Evita”, used to meet at sunset on the dock and under the gallery for tea. At present, from what we were able to find out, there are houses and sheds on the property, as well as a sumptuous house with some trimmings from its country of origin. In addition, in the middle of the mirror of water this placed a virgin, locals mention (without supporting documents) that Mrs. Peron almost drowned and for that reason he ordered it to be placed, as a kind of thanks, faithful devotee to his religion. In addition, the communication antennas that were raised in the place to connect with the commander-in-chief of the army are remembered and there would be a path that is no longer used and is covered in weeds, which connects the property with the farm that Perón had in San vincent.


The Lagoon of Perón, about which almost no one wants to talk, but, nevertheless, we start a conversation with more than 20 people and we even hear the phrase: “but don’t name me, eh!” almost as if he was forbidden to talk about her…

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