Larreta launched his first campaign spot focused on the economic crisis: “This country does have a fix”


Twenty four hours after the presidential candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrichwill launch a spot with an emphasis on “the force of change”, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He opted for a message aimed at generating expectations for the future and less radicalized, referring to the fact that the country “has a fix.”

While in choosing names for your list the Head of Government a conservative bet emerged (Gerardo Morales, Cyntia Hotton, José Luis Espert, Soledad Acuña), his preference for consensus and dialogue once again differed from the “impose order” stance of the PRO reference.

Part of this is what your advertising spot reflects focused on the working class who can’t cover their expenses or that they must sacrifice comforts in order to survive. He also devotes a second of attention to the issue of insecurity, an agenda that he disputed with Bullrich.

The piece ends with the head of government in the foreground, where he expresses: “This country can be fixed” and calls to make the “change of our lives”.

How the Horacio Rodríguez Larreta ad came to be

From Larreta’s campaign team, they detailed that more than ten thousand people participated in a digital call in which they detailed their concerns.

The daily scenes that appear in the spot were recreated, but the situations described in each role are of real people who, Through a call on social networks, they answered a question: “What have you lost in these last four years?” That was the slogan, published on different digital platforms, which received more than ten thousand responses, and among them, the six situations that appear in the spot were selected.

“In each scene the same action is repeated: the person throws the paper into the fire. This refers to a tradition, a custom, where what is written and thrown into the fire is something that hurts.something we want to leave behind, something we want to change”, they detailed.

What does the Patricia Bullrich spot say?

The proposal of the pre-candidate for president emphasized the criticism of the dialogue position that her rival in the internal preaches. “It will take a lot of strength to recover the order that we lost. Because dialogue doesn’t get the drug traffickers out of Rosario, Corruption does not end by consensus, because it is not agreed with the mafias”, the former Security Minister is heard saying in one of her first campaign contents.

In an audiovisual piece of just over a minute, the former Security Minister accompanies different images with her voice, stressing that part of the country’s solution is making a radical change. “If it’s not everything, it’s nothing,” she says at the end of the video.

In photos and short fragments, Sergio Massa is observed, different social protests are shown in the streets and also the party in the Quinta de Olivos held by President Alberto Fernández in full confinement due to the coronavirus.


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