Lionel Messi revealed the talk he had with Kylian Mbappé when he met again


in the end of Qatar World Cup Two teams with a lot of history faced each other, which also have the two best players in the world. In the midst of the Argentine festivities, kylian mbappe Greetings to Lionel Messiwho acknowledged that they touched on the subject on the return to paris saint germain.

For the first time, reveal some details about your reunion with mbappe after the world final: “We talked about the game, the festivities, how life had been lived in Argentina in those days that I had been on vacation and the festivities we had. And nothing, nothing more, but well , well,” he said.

Messi He dismissed the fact that the Frenchman had refused to talk about the game: “No, one doesn’t even want to talk and bring up the subject of the final and talk about it. I was on the other side too, I had to lose a world final too and I I didn’t want to know anything that could have happened about that, about what had happened. And nothing that had to do with the World Cup at that time, that’s why I don’t want to talk about it either. But the truth is that there was no problem with Kylian, everything otherwise”.

Much had been said about their relationship, but the Argentine captain made it clear that the bond is good and there are no disagreements between the two.

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