Llaryora said that De Loredo’s idea of ​​transferring the Police to the municipality is “atomic nonsense”


The governor-elect of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, harshly criticized Rodrigo De Loredo’s idea of ​​transferring some 10,000 police officers from the provincial orbit to the municipal one.

“Governing a city is not a joke. It’s not marketing. You can’t come up with an idea like that so lightly. You can’t not have a team that surrounds you and tells you ‘no, it’s an atomic strike,’” Llaryora said.

In addition, the proposal of the candidate for mayor of Córdoba for Together for Change “is a marketing idea but it is not going anywhere.”

“If one of these crazy people throws you an idea like this, there has to be a filter, there has to be three or four next to you who tell you ‘che stop’. No hay filter. Hay marketing. What they are wanting is for people to get the idea somehow that they are going to give them 10,000 more police officers,” said the elected provincial leader.

Llaryora argued that “the proposal has nothing to do” with that of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires “because Caba functions as a province, not as a municipality.” “And also Caba created its metropolitan police. The Capital has nothing to do with it because it works with another regime, ”she added in statements to miter cordoba.

“If I manage to transfer only 10,000 policemen to you, which is not possible, how many more policemen does the city have?” he asked himself. And then he replied: “None else. That’s when the idea fell apart.”

“In the same way, Villa María, Río Cuarto, I would say pass me the police, pass me 10,000, 5,000, 4,000, we would not have more provincial police, we would be left with a municipal police force,” he continued in his argument.


“I say we have provincial police, let’s add municipal police, and let’s also expand the degree of action of private security, and let’s bring non-lethal weapons” Tasers “, and ask the Army to fight against drug trafficking, let’s change national legislation,” he assured the proponent of measures against insecurity in Córdoba.


Llaryora affirmed that De Loredo “was the candidate for mayor who defended the government of (Ramón Javier) Mestre.” “I remember when I argued with him, because I won the mayorship from him, and he valued Mestre’s management. And Judge was a candidate for mayor on the other side. When I had to face Suoem for 11 months, he voted in favor of Suoem, ”he said critically to the radical leader.

He also emphasized that “advised by the Mestre teams,” De Loredo “is going to take the city to the bottom of the sea.” “With (Luis) Judge, imagine that team back in the city. They have already governed, they are a disaster,” added the governor-elect.

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