Luka Romero’s self-criticism after the elimination of the Under 20 World Cup: “We will continue training to improve”


Wednesday night, the Argentine national team suffered a heavy defeat against Nigeria by 2 to 0 and said goodbye in the round of 16 of the Sub 20 world that takes place in our country. In this sense, Lucas Romeroone of the figures of the team, made a release on social networks after the elimination.

It was not what we wanted, the group and all of you were united by one goal, which was the Cup. We couldn’t make it happen but there are many positive things that we take with us, this process is long and we will continue training to improve“, began the Lazio player from Italy.

And he added: “I want to thank you for having supported us in each stadium and the entire Argentine delegation for making us live some very beautiful days. Proud of the team, left everything to the last. Let’s go Argentina!”, Romero hill who started against the Nigerian team.

On the other hand, Javier Mascherano, the coach of the selected team, was also self-critical of the team’s performance. “We knew that if we made a discovery in defense we could pay for it. perhaps the two discovered ones that ended in a goal that penalize us too much. The team tried by all means“, said the DT.

“What we always said, merit has nothing to do with the result. They will have to raise their heads and continue with their clubs now. It hurts our soul, we did everything to be able to continue in this championship, I am leaving with the peace of mind that today it was us, we showed a lot of calm to play. We played the match that he needed to play and it couldn’t happen,” the coach concluded.


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